Please do let us know if you have any complaints related to the work of PAF. A complaint can be made in three different layers.
If you have any grivances and complaints related to the working of community organizations, PAF partner organizations in the districts and other district based issues,
If you have any complaints and grivances related to the functioning of PAF staffs, POs staffs, and other general issues related to PAF, do write directly to the executive director of PAF in the following email address
If you wish to lodge the complain directly to the vice chairperson of the PAF related to policy issues and other functioning of PAF at the central, and also at the district and community level, please reach the vice chairman of PAF directly in the following email address,

PAF has established an Intergrity Unit(Sadachar Ekai) to make its undertakings transparent, impartial and effective. You can directly write to the unit in the following email address: The unit has three PAF board members as members, headed by Mrs Durga Neupane(Bhattarai).